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Proctor & Peake is an Alpha Gold Certified Consulting Company.


Database Application Development

We always start by listening. We want to hear how things are done in your business or organization. Tell us your short-term needs and your long-term plans.

Whether yours is a small or large project, we will apply our experience to develop a database application that meets your expectations and your budget. We will explain the process of design, development and installation so you know what to expect.

Your new database application will eliminate redundant steps, duplicate information and make it easy to access your data and produce the forms and reports your business depends on.

Web Applications

Let your customers place orders and track their status on the web.
Put your directory or catalog online.

Give your employees and reps secure access to database information when away from the office. Provide file upload/download capability.

Our database driven web sites can provide you and your business with dynamic delivery of content. This content, such as customer information, sales related information and any other type of data you will need to access can be tailored to meet your company’s specific needs.

Proctor & Peake is an Alpha Gold Certified Consulting Company.

Individual and Group Training

Proctor & Peake offers on-site and web-based training in Alpha Five and Microsoft Access. Your learning experience will custom-fit your interests and skill level.

Need a "coach" to help you get started, or to teach you the difficult concepts? Want someone to show you so that you can do it yourself next time? Unlike many database companies, we're happy to work with do-it-yourselfers.

Technical Support

Proctor & Peake can provide you with technical support on an as-needed basis. Using us for support is better than calling the manufacturer because we will get to know you and your application personally. You won't have to explain everything from scratch each time you contact us.

GoToMyPC - Access  Your PC From Anywhere We help database users all over the country via e-mail, phone and Internet connection. A popular option is using GoToMyPC and GOToMeeting, which allows us to connect directly to your computer to provide consulting, training or troubleshoot your issues.

Contact us today for details.

Evaluation of Existing Systems

We will sit down with you to go over your existing manual or electronic system. We will help you analyze your work processes and identify opportunities to increase productivity.

You will get our honest opinion. Proctor & Peake will provide you with our recommendations for updating or replacing your system, based on our knowledge and experience. If the recommended solution is within our expertise, we will provide you with an estimate of the time and anticipated costs of the job at your request.

Database Upgrades and Conversions

Need an upgrade? Want to add new features to your current application?

Proctor & Peake will advise you on choosing the right solution to accommodate changing technology and meet your growing needs. We will tell you what to expect and explain the upgrade process to you.

Don't worry about your data. Regardless of the program your data currently resides in, we can take care of bringing your valued information into the new application.

"Alpha Five for Alpha Four Users" by Frances Peake

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"If there's one person who can help you make the transition to Alpha Five,
my vote goes to Frances Peake."

- Selwyn Rabins, President of Alpha Software

Electronic Data Interchange (importing and exporting)

Do you need to transmit or receive data in electronic form?

In today's technological world, it is often more efficient -- or even required -- to share your data electronically with clients, vendors and agencies. Within your own organization, you may need to share information with colleagues who are using other file formats.

We will set up your database application to import, export or link data. We have become experts in reformatting data to meet your requirements.

Reports to Analyze your Business

Once you have all that information in your database, how can you take advantage of it to make management decisions? We specialize in complex reports. Reports can be printed, e-mailed, viewed online or exported to a spreadsheet or other file format.

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Proctor & Peake is an Alpha Gold Certified Consulting Company.

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