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Proctor & Peake is an Alpha Gold Certified Consulting Company.


GroupTrac™ is for travel agents to track reservations and billing for group tours and cruises. It was developed by Proctor & Peake, Inc.
in partnership with travel consultants Davidoff Associates. For a
ample Kit with screen shots, reports and letters click here.

Visit the GroupTrac web site for ordering and product details.

Just hear what one of our happy clients have to say about GroupTrac.

"THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help.

I love this program and the speedy response from your company.
I highly recommend this Software to all Travel Agents, especially
"Home-based Agents". I use the Group Trac for not only Groups, but for all other booking or just inquiries. Again, thank you very much.


Peggy Waeschle
Home- based Agency

More samples will be posted soon.

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