Alpha Five Form Design Time Savers

Assign a "Default descriptive name" to your fields in Field Rules before creating a form. This name will be used automatically as the field title in layouts.

When creating a new form, start from the default form.

Use the horizontal and vertical shift tools on the Toolbox as a squeegee to open or close spaces on the form.

To select multiple objects on the form, you can either A) left-click on the first object, then hold down the [Shift] key as you left-click additional objects, or B) hold down the left mouse button as you "lasso" around the objects.

Know and use the Arrange menu/toolbar to align objects’ sizes, position and spacing.To manipulate multiple objects at once, group them using Arrange, Group.

Arrange, Tab Order allows you to specify how the cursor advances through the fields on a form as you press [Tab] or [Enter] during data entry. Instead of having to start selecting the tab order with "1" you can start in the middle of the tab order by holding down the [Shift] key and left-clicking on the number from which you want to start ordering.

You cannot manipulate objects on tabbed subforms and frames as easily as you can in the regular form grid. Lay out your objects first, then cut and paste them into the tab page or frame.

Save your form frequently as you are designing. When experimenting, use Save As to save different versions of your changes. Later you can always delete the forms you don’t need.

Remember, forms have many uses in Alpha Five, such as:

Data Entry Form
Printed Form
Menu or Control Center
Dialog Box

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