Converting From Alpha Four To Alpha Five

The key to going from Alpha Four to Alpha Five (Version 2 and higher) is understanding the change in terminology. What Alpha Four called a "database", that is a .DBF file, is called a "table" in Alpha Five. In Alpha Five, a "database" is a new entity, a collection of tables and sets.

Also, be aware that only the .DBF files will convert. You will need to recreate sets, field rules, forms, etc.


Create a new directory/folder for your Alpha Five data. Copy your Alpha Four .DBF and .DBT files into this folder.

In Alpha Five, create a new database (note terminology change), leave it empty, and save it in the Alpha Five data folder you created in step #1.

In the Alpha Five Control Panel, with your new database open, click the Tables/Sets tab. Right-click in the white space. Select "Add Table/Set" from the options. Select a table (.DBF) from the same data folder you created in step #1. Click open.

Repeat step 3, adding each of your tables.

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