Problems running Alpha Four on a network?

If you are running Alpha Four on a Windows 95/98 peer-to-peer or NT Server network, follow these steps to make sure your network properties are set correctly.

On each computer, go to Network Properties. Look at the Configuration tab and make sure the NetBEUI protocol appears as an installed component. If not, add the NetBEUI protocol for your adapter card or Microsoft's NetBEUI.

Highlight NetBEUI on the list of installed components. Click on Properties, Advanced tab. Make sure the "Make this the default protocol" box is checked. If it is not, check it then log off and back into the network.

Rerun Alpha Four and press F3 from the Main Menu to see the Status screen. On the left side, where it says Network Type, it must be "NetBIOS." The File Sharing Mode must be "Shared." If it says "Exclusive", press F10 to return to the Main Menu and go to Other, Configuration, Default Settings. Make sure the last setting, Multi-user Mode, is set to "Yes". If not, change it, quit Alpha Four
and restart it.

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