Hints for Alpha Users Who Are
Starting in Microsoft Access


Forget everything you know about Alpha. If you're not sure how to do something, resist the impulse to do it the Alpha way. Consult the Access Help system and Office Assistant.

Queries have a much more prominent role in Access than they do in Alpha. In fact, they are the center of the Access universe. Most of the forms and reports you create in Access will use a query for their data source. Queries are also used to perform what are "Utilities" in Alpha Four and "Operations" in Alpha Five.

Say good-bye to Field Rules as you know them. What you do in Alpha's Field Rules is accomplished at the Form level in Access. Use the properties and events associated with controls you place on forms. For example, to create what Alpha calls a Table Lookup, use the Combo Box wizard in Form Design. To fill another field automatically when you make a selection from the combo box, you must use the combo box control's After Update event.

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