Importing Alpha Databases
into Microsoft Access


You can import Alpha database files directly into Access. You do not need to export from Alpha first. Here are the instructions for importing Alpha Four or Alpha Five data into Access.

For users of Alpha Four and Alpha Five Version 1:
What A4 and A5V1 call a "database", that is a single .DBF file, is called a "table" in Access. In Access (and A5V2 and higher), a "database" is a new entity that contains all the tables for a particular application. This tip uses Access terminology.
Run Microsoft Access. Open a database or create new one to hold the imported Alpha data.

From the Access menu, select File, Get External Data, Import.

In the Import dialog box, look under Files of Type. Depending on your version of Alpha, Alpha uses the dBASE III or FoxPro file format. If you are using A4 or A5V1, select dBASE III. If you are using A5V2 or higher, select FoxPro.
If you do not see dBASE III or FoxPro on the list of file types, you will need to re-run the Microsoft Office Setup. Select Add/Remove, Data Access, Database Drivers. Check off "dBase and Microsoft FoxPro drivers".

Select the Alpha table you wish to import. Click Import.

Repeat steps 2 through 4 if you wish to import additional Alpha tables.


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